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22 August 2016

Risk Analyser

The Risk Analyser program is being upgraded to allow for regular automatic reporting. This will provide feedback on activity on the site for your venue including data updates. Further details will be posted in our FAQ ... Click here.

31 January 2016

Major Software Update

The Allied Risk Analyser has been substantially updated, incorporating a more friendly and responsive data entry and reporting capability. The Charts can be drilled down 2 levels to reveal the underlying data on which they are based. Security and RSA Marshall rosters have been upgraded and extended. Client suggestions have been incorporated to make the program deliver. We are open to more ideas for future releases to make your experience better. Check out our FAQ here... Click here

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What is Risk Analyser?

The Allied Risk Analyser is an analytical assessment of the alignment between strategy and operational efficiencies breaking down incident and compliance risk into proactive and reactive diagnostics, identification of internal and external factors contributing to risk variances for incidents as well as breaking down incident percentages and police activities at your premises... Click here

Various graphs from the Risk Analyser

Why Choose Risk Analyser?

Once you've identified the value of the risks you face, you can start to look at ways of managing them. Risk Analyser supports informed decision-making across all areas of your business, you set the perameters. Risk distributions and s-curves provide essential information to support viability of functions/events in line with your risk exposure, determine the viability of new business... Click here

Various graphs from the Risk Analyser

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